Tom Hiddleston Naked In ‘High Rise’ Trailer

Tom Hiddleston Naked In ‘High Rise’ Trailer
Studio Canal UK / YouTube
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We might know him as Thor’s vengeful brother, but there’s more to Loki than meets the eye. The Avengers’ Loki, Tom Hiddleston, gets naked in the trailer of his latest film, “High Rise.” Get ready to see more of Tom and less of his clothes.


The Avengers’ popular antagonist will star as Dr. Robert Laing in the novel-turned-movie adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s “High Rise,” reports NME. An entirely different Hiddleston will be witnessed in this artistic dystopian creation.

Set in the mid 1970’s, Dr. Laing, a young physician, transfers into an expensive high-rise building, known as the epitome of “utopian living,” according to entrepreneurs. But as this luxurious living encounters social chaos, Hiddleston’s character is left to learn the limits of his existence.

The plot went beyond the ordinary intensity of a usual 70’s setting. According to a spoiler news by The Huffington Post, the film got to a point where the characters including Dr. Laing kill each other. In so far hoping to detach himself from the cruel and unmerciful outside world, he was wrong – the situation he entered only got worse. It was when he looked for solace did he find anarchy.

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But that’s not it. The trailer shows the boundaries and norms set aside in the complex building. It shows a naked, sun-bathing Tom Hiddleston who, as the story progresses, positions himself at the balcony and eats the neighbor’s pet like it’s a normal thing to do.

“High Rise” is set to be released in cinemas later this year. Other casts include Jeremy Irons, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller, James Purefoy, and Elisabeth Moss. Watch the film’s trailer below to set your eyes on a Loki you have never seen before: