Tom Hiddleston Confirmed New James Bond? Find Out How Taylor Swift Helped Him!

Tom Hiddleston Confirmed New James Bond? Find Out How Taylor Swift Helped Him!
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc
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Tom Hiddleston is currently one of the top contenders to compete for the much-coveted role of James Bond. But has he already bagged the 007 spot secretly and not telling people? Is Taylor Swift the reason behind this?


The James Bond role is almost like the US presidential election of the movie industry, a role on which every ambitious actor has his eye on. So, naturally, Tom Hiddleston jumped at the opportunity to play the deadliest British agent in the world after Daniel Craig’s retirement.

Other popular names who are also contesting Tom are Aidan Turner, Tom Hardy, Damien Lewis etc. But ever since Tom Hiddleston’s romance with Taylor Swift has been splashed across the tabloids, all the other contending actors seems to have fizzled out of the picture.

Does that mean that that Tom has already been signed on for the 007 spot and they are just waiting for the official announcement to make the news public?

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With enough acting experience under his belt and public demand on his side, News18 has already crowned him to be the best preference to play James Bond. Having delivered exceptional performances in movies such as “Thor” and “The Night Manager,” he has clearly convinced everyone that he is capable of stepping into the shoes of 007.

According to Wendy Williams, the sole reason that Tom Hiddleston started dating Taylor Swift in the first place is to become the talk of the town and appear in headlines to help his chances at becoming James Bond, reports International Business Times.

“He’s a thirty something but I suspect he is also a bit of opportunist,” she said. “I’m going to tell you why: First of all he wants to be the next James Bond and he’s English. I’ve never heard of this guy before – so how do you drum up votes by getting on hot topic, how do you get on hot topics? By dating somebody we talk about.”

Did that work in Tom’s favor? Has he been already selected for the role of James Bond?

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