Tom Cruise News: Cathy Schenkelberg Blacklisted From Church For Breaking Scientology Rule

Tom Cruise News: Cathy Schenkelberg Blacklisted From Church For Breaking Scientology Rule
Tom Cruise Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC
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It seems Tom Cruise has been considered the poster child for the Church of Scientology. And his role in the church is so important that insulting him can get you blacklisted, as with the case of Cathy Schenkelberg.


The church has been the source of controversy and conspiracy due to their secretive ways and their clout on Hollywood’s elite. They received huge attention after being blamed for the break-up of one of Hollywood’s power couple, Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Career or Cruise?

According to Radar Online, Schenkelberg was summoned by the Church of Scientology for an audition in Los Angeles back in 2009. She now believes the audition at the church’s Celebrity Center was to see if she would make a suitable girlfriend for Tom Cruise.

During the audition, she was asked what she thought of the “Top Gun” actor. And to their surprise, she told them exactly what she thinks of him.

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She thought of Tom Cruise as being bit of a narcissist, insecure, kind of babyish. Schenkelberg knew him from the church but after speaking her mind, she said she was shunned.

It was not long after she was asked to leave the church, where she once wanted to be a part of. And as soon as she left, her life and career crumbled.

According to the Daily Mail, she lost her home, her 401K, her IRA, her equity. And this is from someone who uses to earn $300,000 a year back in 1991.

Schenkelberg also revealed the receipts for the ridiculous amount of money she spent on Scientology courses. She revealed her donations to the church amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.

She said she has been reduced to living in her car after the whole fiasco with the whole Tom Cruise girlfriend audition. Seems to be a bit too much for just insulting the church’s poster child.

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