‘Togetherness’ Season 2 Finale Lackluster, Season 3 In the Works!

‘Togetherness’ Season 2 Finale Lackluster, Season 3 In the Works!
Amanda Peet Jeff Karpala/Wikimedia Commons CC
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The American comedy series “Togetherness” did not give off an explosive noise when it ended on Sunday. However, the season 2 finale of the comedy series provided an element of closure.


HBO’s comedy series was created by brother and filmmakers Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass alongside  actor Steve Zissis. As stated by Variety, “Togetherness” was created with the intention to complement the American television series “Girls.”

The American actress and author Amanda Peet, admitted that the comedy series “Togetherness” has been well-received by critics, but, the viewership doesn’t seem to show success, especially since the “Togetherness” audience decline in season two.

Peet said in a statement in The Hollywood Reporter, “We all really fell in love with each other and so, it’s been rough.” She added, “It’s next to impossible to have the combination of good writing and sane people, reasonable individuals, who write well for women — who write well for middle-aged women.”

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Producers Jay and Mark Duplass had said they already started writing for the third season of “Togetherness.” However, Amanda said the producers didn’t go into the details of where the story would go for Tina Morris.

Peet stated, “I guess my hope is that Tina was going to zigzag towards Alex Pappas (played by Steve Zissis).” She jokingly added, “Which is to say, kind of run towards him and then become terrified and paralyzed, and then run towards him and then become terrified and paralyzed again. It’s not like she was suddenly matured.”

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