Toddler Put In Spinning Washer, Dryer: Photo Of Raelyn Camp Behind #JusticeForRaelyn Hashtag

Toddler Put In Spinning Washer, Dryer: Photo Of Raelyn Camp Behind #JusticeForRaelyn Hashtag
Photo Credit: amslerPIX via Compfight cc
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A 14-year-old boy was taken into custody after he put the toddler he was babysitting into a washing machine and dryer.


Charged with neglect and criminal confinement, the teenager is currently being held at an Indiana juvenile detention center, according to Garrett Police Department Chief Roland McPherson.

Missy Camp left her 3-year-old daughter, Raelyn, and 5-year-old daughter in the care of the babysitter. As reported by WANE, the teenager’s friends joined them, then one or more of them placed Raelyn in the washing machine and then into a dryer.

The dryer was turned on more than once, as a result of which Raelyn sustained multiple bruises on her body. It has been alleged that the babysitter and his friends were doing a YouTube stunt where an animal had been used as the victim.

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When Missy came home the subsequent day, she found bruises on Raelyn’s body. “It’s hard to explain,” she said. “I go home. I’m upset, but at the same time I feel like I can’t really sit and cry and I need to keep both of my kids happy, not as depressed about it.”

Her apartment had also been vandalized, including two of her toilets, her television, and a window that were broken, she said. She also found drugs like Xanax on the floor.

Madison Camp, Missy’s sister, posted pictures of Raelyn on Facebook using the hashtag #JusticeForRaelyn after she learned what had happened to the three year old. The post has since received in excess of 180,000 shares. The sisters are receiving messages from people across the country.

The teenager, however, said that the toddler “fell of the merry-go-round in the park,” McPherson said. The 5-year-old girl later revealed “that’s not what happened and the story of her being put in the washer and the dryer.” While Missy has also alleged sexual abuse, the matter is under investigation.

According to Inside Edition, the babysitter has previously worked for Missy.

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  • katerant

    Terrible mother for leaving her toddler in the care of a 14-year-old boy overnight. Stupid, stupid, stupid. CPS should be investigating her.