Today In Science: NASA’s Gigantic Space Shuttle, Worsening El Niño & More

Today In Science: NASA’s Gigantic Space Shuttle, Worsening El Niño & More
NASA Billy Brown / FlickrCC BY 2.0

Space Shuttle Tank’s Journey to LA


NASA’s 66,000-pound space shuttle fuel tank, which is the last of its kind, is set to be transferred from New Orleans to Los Angeles. At least eight crews will accompany the $75,000-worth fuel tank on its 18-hour journey via city streets, a report from the Los Angeles Times stated.

Irish Viewers Quickly Drawn to Ultra HD TVs

The TV sales across Ireland have ballooned by as much as 5 percent in terms of value last year. According to a report published by the Independent, more Irish buyers prefer more expensive TV sets after new models of high-end HD TVs have been rolled out in the market the past year. In fact, sales of 4K TV sets, which is way better than its predecessor HD TVs has exponentially spiked after its launched.

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Europe to Beef Up its Space Program

Jan Woerner, European Space Agency (ESA) chief, expressed its confidence that the agency will explore the planet Mars and show evidence that life do exist in this seemingly barren planet within two years. The agency eyed to beef up its space program in the next years, an article from the International Business Times showed.

Billboard Firms, Astronomers Clash Over Light Pollution in Seattle

Seattle is home to several observatories and billboard business. Over the past years, these two conflicting industries have been battling with the issue of light pollution. This, according to a report from the Seattle Times, has resulted to the local legislative body to intervene. But the battle remains unsolved.

Worsening El Niño Spreads Cholera

Based on a reported published by the Daily Mail, researchers have recently found a link between the worsening El Niño or an intense and prolonged drought could facilitate the spread of killer waterborne bacteria: cholera.

Research Replication in Psychology Sparks New Debate

The issue of replication of psychology related studies, has been a heated topic within the field of modern psychology. However, in a report published by the Science News, it appeared that it’s far from over as most studies published in the field face big challenges in its reproducibility.