Tips To Improve iPhone Battery Life And Performance

Tips To Improve iPhone Battery Life And Performance
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iPhone is not very popular for its battery life, and with time, the phone tends to slow down. The rumors say that Apple is working on improving iPhone battery life. The next smartphone from Apple may finally bring good news. But for now, let us concentrate on the existing models and see how we can make them work better for us.


Firstly, clear the cache. The cache from apps are some of the reasons your phone slows down. As the usage increases and you start downloading more apps on your device, unknowingly, your clutter your iPhone with unwanted cache. Depending on the app, you can manually delete the cache. As mentioned on BGR, “To clear out the cache in each app and help boost your phone’s speed, simply open any of the aforementioned apps and quickly tap 10 times in a row on one of the tab icons at the bottom of the screen. Once you do that, the screen will go blank for a moment and the cache will be cleared.” The apps that allow you to do this are: Podcasts, Game Center, App Store, Music, Phone and iMessage.

Change the settings of your Messages app to keep messages forever for thirty days. This makes a huge difference. Messages take more space than you know. So go to Settings, then Messages > Keep Messages. Change the time to “30 days.” In your settings, you can also switch on Low Power Mode to save iPhone battery. If you are looking to extend your iPhone battery life by a number of hours, go to Settings > Battery, then turn Low Power Mode on. As you turn it on, apps will not refresh on the background and the push email will be disabled.

Also, turn off location settings on your device whenever possible. Some apps keep accessing it for no reason, which affects the performance as well as the iPhone battery life.

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