Tinder Launches Super Like; Here’s How It Works

Tinder Launches Super Like; Here’s How It Works
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Tinder, the dating app that has become so popular even those in relationships use it, has launched a new feature called Super Like.


In early September, Super Like was launched only in Australia in its beta version. Data has shown that the new feature increases the chances of the user getting a match. According to Tinder, Super Like-initiated conversations are lasting 70 percent longer compared to those started by the normal Likes.

The way it works: instead of the basic right swipe, the user lets the subject know that “Like” is not enough of a term to describe the feeling. Basically, it’s what someone might use if he or she is desperate enough to catch the attention of someone – anyone. Super Like, though, can only be performed once a day. Tinder Plus subscribers will get five chances.

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CEO Sean Rad spoke with TechCrunch and said that Super Like managed to increase the conversations of Tinder users. “We’ve seen Super Like have a meaningful impact on Tinder Plus conversion,” he said. “And that stems out of the value that people are getting from the Super Like.”

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The feature has been rolled out globally. It comes days after the company sent a cease and desist letter against the AIDS Healthcare Foundation for a Los Angeles billboard that points to the dating app as one of the links to getting STDs.

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