Time Square Bomb Scare: Photos Of Sgt. Hameed Armani, Hero Police Who Drove Away With Bomb

Time Square Bomb Scare: Photos Of Sgt. Hameed Armani, Hero Police Who Drove Away With Bomb
Photo Credit: Antonio Charneco via Compfight cc

New York Police Department Sergeant Hameed Armani and Police Officer Peter Cybulski were in a stationary police van in Times Square on Wednesday night when a 52-year-old man in an SUV threw what appeared to be a bomb onto their dashboard as he drove by.


Immediately, the two officers sprang into action, rushing to get the bomb away from people around them. Their priority was to take the device to a more remote location; it did not matter if they would lose their lives as a result.

“Boss, this is a bomb,” remarked Officer Cybulski to Sergeant Armani. The Sergeant immediately decided to drive the van away from Times Square.

“The light went off, started blinking. I looked around and saw a lot of kids, a lot of young people, a lot of people out there in Times Square. We looked at each other, I was like, ‘We’re gonna go, but I’m not going to have anybody else go with us,'” Armani explained.

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The officers proceeded to drive a block away from Times Square and stopped at 6th Avenue, which was not as crowded. It was then that the officers were able to determine that the device in their hands was nothing but a fake. It consisted of a candle, an electric component with a flashing red light and a cylindrical object. Everything was wrapped in a white cloth.

Armani said that the one thing that crossed his mind when they thought they had a bomb was his daughter. He said that she is now twelve years old. Armani is a police veteran, having been with the NYPD for ten years. He was born in Afghanistan, according to a report from DNA Info.

Armani said that every time he goes to work, his daughter gives him a big hug and says, “Dad, promise you’re ‘gonna come home.”

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