Tim Tebow Split With Olivia Culpo Because Of ‘No Sex Before Marriage’ Rule

Tim Tebow Split With Olivia Culpo Because Of ‘No Sex Before Marriage’ Rule
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Tim Tebow and Miss girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, have allegedly split due to his”no sex before marriage” vow. Apparently, Culpo could no longer take the physical restrained but remained to be good friends with the football player despite the break-up.


As reported by US Magazine, the NFL Gators star, Tim Tebow, was dumped by his Miss Universe beauty queen girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, after only a month of dating. The couple was initially set up by a mutual friend wherein the player automatically fell for her good looks and warm charm.

A source told US Magazine, “Tim’s super into her.” Before the two got together, Culpo got separated from Jonas Brothers band member, Nick Jonas, after two years of being together.

However, last November 26, it was reported that Culpo broke up with Tebow by reason of lack of physical intimacy. Turns out, the NFL player vowed to have “no sex before marriage” and it seemed too much to handle for Culpo.

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According to a source, Tebow had been sending her love letters and romantic notes as his way of relaying his affection for the beauty queen. However, it seemed like the sweet approaches were short of winning Culpo’s affections as she broke up with him due to the fact that he could not satisfy her… physically.

As News.Com.Au reported, the exes still continue to communicate with one another despite the breakup. In fact, a source indicated, “He still hits her up, but she can’t deal with the sex thing. He’s pretty adamant about it, I guess.”

Last 2009, Tim Tebow allegedly vowed to restrain himself from engaging in sexual intercourse as his way in relaying to the public his deep devotion as a Christian believer. He also claimed that he wishes to uphold the Christian value of not having sexual intercourse before he got married that, unfortunately, garnered him to lose his month-old relationship with Olivia Culpo. Seems like “sex off the table” needed to be “off the table” for Tebow to win Culpo over.