Tim Tebow News: Bridgeport Bluefish Using Ex-NFL Star For Publicity

Tim Tebow News: Bridgeport Bluefish Using Ex-NFL Star For Publicity
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Finally there is a team willing to give Tim Tebow a shot – the Bridgeport Bluefish. The former NFL player is on the verge of making a rare jump to the MLB, hooking up with a decent pro baseball club that is tarnished with a bit of color.


While Tim Tebow is someone who played the game back when he was still at Nease High in Florida, the fact remains that he pursued a football career and not baseball. And for that reason, some are considering the hook-up more as a publicity stunt rather than actually giving the former Heisman Trophy winner a change behind the bat.

Does Tim Tebow really have a shot?

While most have taken potshots at Tebow, there is at least one armed with MLB experience who believes that Tebow has a good chance of making it.

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David Aardsma, a veteran relief pitcher, worked out with Tebow and came out impressed. He believes that if Tebow is able to put his power and size to good use, he could make it to the majors.

“If I threw a slider down, he went down to try to get it. It wasn’t like he was swinging at the same plane and getting fooled. He was aggressively attacking the ball where it was,” Aardsma said via the New York Daily News. “When I walked away, as a pitcher, I was pretty impressed.”

Aside from Aardsma, critics haven’t exactly had big expectations. In the case of the Bridgeport Bluefish, the possible sign-up is seen more of a marketing stunt than to help Tebow shine in the MLB.

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According to a report, Tebow and his manager will continue to wait on other offers. On whether that would be wise or not may seem risky but then again, what has Tebow got to lose?

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