Tim Tebow Eyeing NBA Deal? Ex-NFL Quarterback To Harlem Globetrotters Possible?

Tim Tebow Eyeing NBA Deal? Ex-NFL Quarterback To Harlem Globetrotters Possible?
Tim Tebow scheduled to be at CES 2014 Intel Free Press / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Tim Tebow has been making headlines as of late, mostly tied up to a possible stint in Major League Baseball. While he did play baseball in high school, everyone knows that being good normally requires years of practice and training.


Unfortunately, Tebow did that but in football. He is a former Heisman trophy winner and was a former NFL player. Getting there was because he worked on his game so a career in baseball could be made possible only because of his popularity.

His plight could be something similar to what NBA legend Michael Jordan did. Everyone knows that Jordan ended up playing in the minor leagues and the best Tebow may land is similar.

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The difference is that Jordan ended up returning the original sport he was good at and added a couple of more titles to his credit. Could Tebow do the same? Their fates are different so let’s leave that up in the air.

Can ‘Tebow Time’ make it to the NBA?

While Tim Tebow is sport-hopping why not add basketball to the mix? He is 6-foot-3 and can play the game. Compared to baseball, it may entail a lot of work.

One thing that could make it possible is that he does have the agility and the body to play against pro cagers. But without a fluid offense, Tebow could find himself more as a side attraction than someone who takes the floor.

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Like baseball, Tebow showed he has the basics for the game. He can hit jumpers but would need to polish his shooting to be an asset to NBA teams.

Then again and if not in the NBA, he could hook up with some other causes like exhibition games. The Harlem Globetrotters could be a possibility. In the NBA, it could be a possibility though he may end up nothing more than a marketing gimmick to get fans into the stands.

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