Three Major Hurricanes Spotted Over Pacific Ocean For The First Time In History

Three Major Hurricanes Spotted Over Pacific Ocean For The First Time In History
Typhoon Ma-on Near Japan NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Three major hurricanes were seen over the Pacific Ocean for the first time in history on Monday. The National Hurricane Center classified Hurricane Kilo, Hurricane Ignacio and Hurricane Jimena as Category 4 on Sunday. It was the first time in history that three hurricanes classified as Category 4 were seen over the Pacific at the same time.


“Sea surface temperatures are extremely warm, averaging 2 to 5 degrees above normal,” meteorologist Chris Robbins, a former NHC forecaster and founder of Robbins Meteorological Consulting and, said. “This anomaly is well north of the oceanic warming associated with a typical El Niño.”

A Category 4 hurricane, which is the second highest level of intensification on the Saffir-Simpson scale, has sustained winds of 130-156 miles per hour. While Kilo and Ignacio have abated, their intensities are fluctuating.

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The images were also captured by NASA’s Terra satellite. “This is the first time there have been three active hurricanes in the Eastern or Central Pacific Ocean this season, and they’re all major hurricanes,” NASA said.

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The same was also expressed by the Weather Channel, which said, “This is the first recorded occurrence of three Category 4 hurricanes in the central and eastern Pacific basins at the same time.”

Ignacio subsided to a Category 2 hurricane on Monday, carrying winds of 105 miles per hour. The National Weather Service said it is predicted to pass northeast of Hawaii on Wednesday. Northeast of the islands could be inflicted with severe winds that could cause damage to homes and roads. As it is expected to meet southwesterly winds in its course, it could subside to a Category 1 hurricane by Tuesday and be downgraded into a tropical storm by the middle of the week. The waters around Hawaii have been placed on a hurricane warning.

Jimena was progressing with maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour and was still classified as a Category 4 hurricane by 8 a.m. eastern time Monday. It will continue to maintain its strength in the next few days, the National Hurricane Center said. Kilo, also a Category 4 hurricane, was carrying sustained winds of 135 miles per hour and was located about 1370 miles west of Honolulu.

According to USA Today, Hurricane Fred brought along winds and rain to the Cape Verde Islands on Monday. It is the first hurricane to move across the Cape Verde Islands since 1892.

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“The torrential rains of 4 to 6 inches predicted from Fred, with isolated totals of up to 10 inches, are likely to cause unprecedented flood damage on the islands,” Weather Underground meteorologist Jeff Masters said. Classified as a Category 1 hurricane, it brought along maximum sustained winds of 85 miles per hour.

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