This Is Probably The Best iPhone 7 Or iPhone 6s Rumor So Far

This Is Probably The Best iPhone 7 Or iPhone 6s Rumor So Far
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The new iPhone model, rumored to either be called iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s, is expected to have new upgrades that go beyond its predecessors.

But one of the best Apple iPhone rumors so far is the quick navigation option provided by the so-called Force Touch.


The Force Touch technology first came out of the latest MacBooks that were released last April 2015. Business Insider noted that the Force Touch on MacBooks brought out word definitions, a file preview or a new calendar entry from an email.

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The Force Touch’s version on the iOS, reported by 9toMac, is called the “Orb” and works unlike the way Force Touch does in the Apple Watch.

First, instead of adding a new layer of button for options, the Orb will run “shortcuts” to bypass some layers of menu options for the user.

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Here are the other samples offered in the report:

force touch This Is Probably The Best iPhone 7 Or iPhone 6s Rumor So Far
Source 9 to 5 Mac

Force Touch on iPhone 7

The Force Touch will be presented in different ways on the new iPhone model. The report said further

“(N)o additional user interface as with the subtle integration on the new MacBooks, a user interface that appears surrounding the finger where the Force Touch gesture is conducted, or a shortcut list toward the bottom of the display akin to a typical options list across iOS.”

For the other rumors, check out this article to find out what else is expected of the new iPhone.

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