These Owners Are Giving Away Their Goat Farm For Free

These Owners Are Giving Away Their Goat Farm For Free

That is, if you’re good at writing essays.


A couple who owns a goat farm in Elkmont wants to give their farm to any deserving essay writer who touches their hearts.

Humble Heart Farms is a thriving business that sells goat cheese. The couple that runs it are successful at it. Their website states that their products are steroid, hormone and herbicide-free.

Looking at their site makes one think that everything is running smoothly for them.

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So why sell the farm?

According to an interview with WaayTV, the couple plans on moving to Costa Rica to help farmers with their own goat farms.

Selling only the property will not offset the interests, so in order for them to pay off the debt and still have enough budget for the move, the couple borrowed the idea from Janice Sage, who gave away her Bed and Breakfast business in the same way.

The only catch is that each entry has a corresponding fee. The “Goat Farm Essay” contestants are required to pay $150, and the couple are looking into getting as much as 2,500 entries to make this transfer possible.

The winner will also receive $20,000.

The couple’s Facebook page has been hacked, but interested applicants can refer to and for more information.