The Worst Windows 10 Bugs Can Ruin Your Experience; We Have Some Solutions

The Worst Windows 10 Bugs Can Ruin Your Experience; We Have Some Solutions
Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview okubax / Flickr CC BY 2.0

With many getting hold of Windows 10, the problems are coming up more frequently than ever. While talking about the world of bugs in Windows 10, there are many that can make your life difficult. Find out more on some of them and check how to solve each problem.


Battery Life Issue

The battery life issue is no bug but it may be a reason of worry. Due to the background download of Windows 10, many experience faster battery drain. Your device manufacturer may have firmware or driver fixes for the draining battery life. Once the initial phase of update is over, battery life can be better.

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Broken Software Issue

There are so many software that may not work with Windows 10. Don’t blame the software but its version. Either you update your software to a compatible version or you run Windows 10 on compatibility mode. Until and unless Windows 10 rolls out a fix for the issues, these are the best ways to tackle the problem.

All you need to do is to right-click on a software or anything executable, then choose Properties. Open the compatibility tab and work. Your device will react as if it is working on a previous version of Windows.

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Default App Setting Issues

One of the major issues in Windows 10 removing the default file associated with pictures. It will open the pictures using its own application rather than the application you want.

To solve the problem, just open the Settings from the taskbar, click systems and choose Default app.

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Touchpad Issue

Yes, the touchpad of your delicate device can stop functioning properly when you run a major OS update. There is nothing that can be done for this bug in Windows 10 until Microsoft provides a patch update for the same.

There are many more issues that are coming up with Windows 10 and some are difficult to resolve for the time being. We will keep looking for the solution and let you know about them.