‘The Sims 4’ Latest News And Update: ‘Pets’ And ‘Seasons’ DLC Packs Coming Soon?

‘The Sims 4’ Latest News And Update: ‘Pets’ And ‘Seasons’ DLC Packs Coming Soon?
The Sims 4 Sergey Galyonkin/ Flickr cc
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EA and Maxis are focusing on threshing out all possible angles for “The Sims 4” to somehow offset its faltering sales. Added content is seen as the logical alternative, proof of which is the upcoming “City Living” paid DLC set to come out this November.


There are other rumored expansion packs for “The Sims 4”, some of which are tied up to the seasons. That includes a rumored Halloween and Holiday pack, both of which could be timely before the year comes to a close.

“Pets” and “Seasons” theme packs coming?

Looking beyond the coming seasons, “The Sims 4” could get a couple of more packs as well. Some users over at Reddit have dished at possibly seeing “Pets” and “Seasons”, something that EA and/or Maxis could probably consider.

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SimGuruDaniel hinted at the idea at a Reddit thread though these are considered nothing more than a tease. He is a game designer which some believe could be teasing the potential addition of “Pets” and/or “Seasons” though it would be best to wait for an official announcement.

“Seasons” more complicated than “Pets.”

Assuming that there will be new theme packs arriving for “The Sims 4”, the suggested added content come with contrasting fates. “Pets” could be an easier one to release that could include “Sims” being able to take care cats, dogs or even horses.

The “Seasons” DLC is a bit more complicated considering it will require consideration for everything that includes the weather. Worlds would have to be tweaked to add rain or snow, a sensitive recourse that could corrupt games with the wrong codes or script.

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Either way, all these should be taken lightly until EA or Maxis announces these new packs as potentially coming. More DLCs are expected to follow “Sims 4: City Living”, likely to be paid add-ons as well. If all goes accordingly, then maybe “The Sims 5” will finally get some leverage.

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