Who Is Holly Holm? Unlike Ronda Rousey, She Is Humble And Polite

Who Is Holly Holm? Unlike Ronda Rousey, She Is Humble And Polite
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Who is Holly Holm? Holly Horm skyrocketed to instant superstardom Sunday when she delivered the knockout blow heard around the world. Holm KO’ed Ronda Rousey to become the new UFC bantamweight champion at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia.


Unlike Rousey, who refused to touch Holm’s gloves prior the fight, the new champion is soft-spoken, polite and humble. According to Sydney Morning Herald, the former professional world boxing champion is celebrating her monumental victory in a very Melbourne way: relaxing by the beach.

Who is Holly Holm?

“We’re going to go to the beach somewhere out of the city and relax a bit,” Holm, a kickboxer, told reporters during the post-fight press conference. “I have a couple of friends I grew up with who have been living here for a few years and they own a couple of restaurants, so I’ll catch up with them and enjoy the place.”

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Holm, 34, said she felt “great” despite the beating she took on Sunday night. “My hands feel great, my body feels great, so I can’t complain. I feel healthy, which is always what you want after a fight.”

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The humble Holm wished Rousey a speedy recovery. Rousey was rushed to hospital after the bout. “I hope she’s doing well and she’s a true campaign. I’m glad I could share the octagon with her. I’m sure we’ll meet again.”

Indeed. They will meet again. UFC President Dana White feels “it makes sense” to have the rematch soon. Holm readily agrees with White. “I think a rematch makes sense for sure,” said the new UFC bantamweight champion. “I’ve been on the losing side of a fight and I wanted the rematch, I wanted to avenge my loss. With a champion like Ronda – who has gone out of her way, above and beyond, to do great things – absolutely she deserves a rematch.

So do you know who is Holly Holm now? Here’s another quote from below.

“I don’t look at this belt and think I’ve made it. I think I still have things that I need to do. I think a rematch, I think that’s kind of unspoken common sense to me.”