‘The Night Of’ Episode 6 Spoilers: Did Naz Murder Someone Too?

‘The Night Of’ Episode 6 Spoilers: Did Naz Murder Someone Too?
Deep breaths. The Night Of returns this Sunday at 9PM on HBO.The Night Of / Facebook
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The other, more sinister side of Naz is being revealed on “The Night Of”. What secrets from his past will Detective Box unveil in the next episode?


Detective Box is getting ready to tighten the noose around Naz’s neck as was apparent from “The Night Of” episode 5. He has already tracked Naz’s steps on the night of Andrea’s murder and tox screen proves that Naz had drugs in his system that was not found inside the victim’s body.

Even though Box has more than enough to put Naz away for a long time, he just can’t seem to shake off the feeling that one gets when nothing makes sense. Is it Naz who is holding back something that he remembered happened on the night of the murder or is it something much bigger than everything that is right there in the evidence?

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In “The Night Of” episode 6, Box will be seen digging deep into Naz’s past life, way before Andrea’s murder took place, something that the series hasn’t done in an elaborate manner until now.

“So why would a kid transfer out of a school half a dozen blocks from his house to another one forty minutes away by subway?” Box is seen wondering.

The only evidence of Naz’s past life were the adult magazines and the condoms that his mother found while going through his things in his bedroom a few episodes back, which further goes to prove that even his mother did not know her son well enough.

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And the more Naz continues to spend his time in Rikers prison under the Godfather-like protection and guidance of Freddy, the more sinister and criminal-like his personality gets, reports The Daily Beast.

Within just 5 episodes, Naz has gone from a naive college kid to beating up his attackers, standing up to convicted felons and transporting drugs into the prison!

Is the transformed persona the real Naz and was the initial demeanor just a sham? Does his past hold some dark secrets that will eliminate any chance Jack Stone might have of setting Naz free?

“The Night Of” Episode 6 is called “Samson and Delilah”, reports CarterMatt and you can watch it next Sunday only on HBO.

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