Mystery Surrounding Anderson Cooper’s Family: Half Brother Hates Them?

Mystery Surrounding Anderson Cooper’s Family: Half Brother Hates Them?
Anderson Cooper mroach / Flickr CC
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With the HBO documentary “Nothing Left Unsaid” about Gloria Vanderbilt and his son Anderson Cooper finally out, it became apparent that her other son, Chris Stokowski was not part of it. Does he hate his family so much that he decided not to be part of the project?


Chris is the second son of the 92-year-old actress with ex-husband Leopold Stokowski, the man she married before Wyatt Cooper, the CNN anchor’s father. While his older brother Stan was seen in the movie, Chris was a no-show.

According to Page Six, Chris reportedly stopped communicating with his mother after a psychiatrist named Dr. Christ L. Zois allegedly affected his relationship with his ex-fiancée April Sandmeyer.

Based on that account of Sandmeyer, whom the news site was able to talk to on Friday, Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper’s half-brother used to be close that the latter even considered his mom as his best friend. “She was his best friend. They were a really loving family . . . Everyone treated each other well and with respect,” she recalled. “It’s probably painful, but as a mother, I think she respects [Chris’] privacy and [not mentioning him] is out of love for him.”

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“She knows he doesn’t want to be in the public eye,” she added. “He doesn’t want the public’s attention.”

In the meantime, Vanity Fair pointed out that the movie revolving around the lives of Gloria Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper and their family must have dug deeply into the lives of the celebrities, especially that of the artist’s. The news outlet claimed that apart from revealing Chris has been estranged from his family for 30 years now, he “was never mentioned again.”

Accordingly, this particular part of the family’s life must be tackled deeper.

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