The Mindy Project Season 4: Cast And Crew Talk About Mindy’s Pregnancy

The Mindy Project Season 4: Cast And Crew Talk About Mindy’s Pregnancy
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What's This?

The 26 episodes of “The Mindy Project” season 4 will be released on a weekly basis on Hulu. It is confirmed that viewers will not get all episodes at once. Rather, they have to wait for the episodes to be aired.


Lots are saying that Fox decided badly by cancelling the show last summer. Hulu has saved the fans by announcing that “The Mindy Project” season 4 will be exclusively aired on the website.

Mindy’s Pregnancy

While talking about the upcoming season, Mindy Kaling explained, “We always thought it was funny that an OB/GYN would have an accidental pregnancy,” adding “the episodes about what to do with the baby have brought out really funny sides of Mindy and Danny’s personalities.”

Joseph Gordon is the dream husband of Mindy. The episode will be the kick-off episode on Hulu. While talking about the supernatural part of the whole story and Joseph, Mindy said, “We explore what it would be like if she’d never fallen in love with Danny,”

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She added, “He plays a reality TV producer who’s best friends with Andy Cohen. He’s the man of Mindy’s dreams, his apartment’s in Gramercy Park. … It was very fun to use him as a character who seems ideal, but then goes in a very surprising direction.”

Mindy and Danny are going to have many different approaches to the birthing process. It’s going to be a fun ride with Danny ending up with Freida Pinto.

While talking about Mindy’s personality, Kaling said,  “It’s brought out really funny sides of Mindy and Danny’s personalities, which is so much of what’s fun about the show.”

According to executive producer Matt Warburton, there will be flexibility in the running time of the show on Hulu. Warburton said, “Mindy as an OB-GYN comments that OBs are like the Republican party; they only care about the baby until it comes out and then they have no idea. She’s sort of at square one when the baby pops out.

“When you have a show that’s centered around one person, I feel like we genuinely didn’t know what we’d enjoy exploring most.”

He added, “A lot of the adjustments just came on the fly as we made these episodes. … It really has settled into the office.”

The first episode of the new season will be aired on Sept 15, 2015. Stay tuned on Hulu to get the first glance of the new season.