The Google Nexus Event Will Be Held In San Francisco On September 29

The Google Nexus Event Will Be Held In San Francisco On September 29
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Two new Nexus devices are likely to be launched in the Google Nexus event expected to be held in San Francisco on September 29. In the Google Nexus event two Nexus smartphones will be unveiled, one each from LG and Huawei. The one made by LG is reportedly the smaller version of the Nexus devices and one from Huawei would be the larger version, according to CNET.


The Nexus smartphone devices will run the latest version of Android software, Android 6.0, referred to as Marshmallow. It is to be noted that Nexus smartphones are usually the forerunners of Google devices that run the latest version of Android software.

Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 were previously built by LG, Google’s long-time Nexus partner, while the latest smartphone by LG is a reboot of Nexus 5 for 2015. The latest version is expected to come with high-resolution display and fingerprint sensors, reported Digital Trends.

Huawei, though a successful brand in China, is yet to establish its name in the smartphone arena in the U.S. and Europe. Nexus 6 is expected to give the company a great opportunity in marking their presence in these countries, provided they manage to overcome the problems encountered in Nexus 6 built by Motorola.

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No information about the cost of the devices is leaked yet. More official announcement about  the Google Nexus event is yet to be heard from the company.