‘The Good Place’ Premiere: Pilot Review, Plot, Synopsis And Facts To Know

‘The Good Place’ Premiere: Pilot Review, Plot, Synopsis And Facts To Know
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‘The Good Place’ deals with the moral dilemmas that characterise the good people and separates them from the rest. It takes the story forward from where life ends and focuses on whether it is possible to try and be good even after death.


‘The Good Place’ premieres on Monday at 10 p.m. ET/PT and stars Kristen Bell and Ted Danson with a creative team led by Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Michael Schur.

The story begins with Eleanor dying an embarrassing death and being ushered to the afterlife by Michael. Michael introduces Eleanor to her real soul mate Chidi, whom the universe has chosen for her, after she explained how she died. She and Chidi start to live in a perfect home and perfect neighbourhood.

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But the twist in the tale is, Eleanor was supposed to be in the Bad Place and not the Good Place. Eleanor will now have to keep up with her perfect neighbours to avoid ending up in the Bad Place, the Indiewire reported.

According to a report by the A.V. Club, ‘The Good Place’ is where the earth’s souls descend to and the pilot represent’s the Bad Place with a cacophony of screams, metallic clinging and an unsparing noise that could either be the roaring of a terrible beast or flames. Whether a person will be admitted to the Good Place or the Bad Place is determined by a rolling tally point accrued after each action.

Chidi, who was a professor of ethics and moral philosophy during his lifetime, is the only one who is aware of Eleanor’s secret. He is at the same time the best and the worst person to be protecting it. However, as the episodes progress, it might get difficult to root for Eleanor who seems to be destroying the afterlife of almost everyone, the USA Today reported. However, the cast of the series consisting of Bell, Danson and William Jackson Harper as Chidi is the best part of ‘The Good Place’ which will be running over 13 episodes a season.

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