‘The Fosters’ Season 4 Premiere Spoilers: Orlando Shooting On TV?

‘The Fosters’ Season 4 Premiere Spoilers: Orlando Shooting On TV?
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‘The Fosters” season 4 premiere of the show will see actors enacting a scene including terrorists who have taken over a school.


With the world still reeling from one of the deadliest mass-attack in America’s history, “The Fosters” seems wholly intend on cashing on the aftermath of the horrific incident.

It seems like everyone has something or the other to say about the shootout at Orlando’s gay club. “The Fosters” season 4 premiere seemingly has one too.

The Fosters” season 4 plans to showcase the gruesome impact such a massacre can have on the future generation of a country. The episode will depict a shooter infiltrating the Anchor Beach Campus, forcing the school into a lockdown.

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But why write such a violent act into the storyline?

“It’s something that’s happening so much it’s almost becoming normal,” executive producer Joanna Johnson told TV Guide. “It almost seems like a weekly occurrence that someone is taking a gun to school. We wanted to explore what the impact of this has on our schools and has on our kids.”

However, in an interview with TVLine, Joanna clearly established the fact that script had already been prepared way before the Orlando event took place. It was an uncanny coincidence that the premiere is about to take place days after such a harrowing occurrence rocked the US people to the core.

“Orlando, obviously, is one of the most tragic things that has ever happened in this country. So this episode is very timely. Unfortunately, I feel like this episode is timely no matter what point we’re at in this country. That’s why it’s so important for us to explore the subject matter on the show,” she said

Once of the characters who will get deeply affected in the incidents that take place in the upcoming premiere of “The Fosters” season 4 is Mariana, as her boyfriend Nick is going to be the one heading the attack.

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