‘The Division’ Update 1.3 for Xbox One, PC Includes Weapon Upgrades, Bug Fixes and ‘The Terminal’

‘The Division’ Update 1.3 for Xbox One, PC Includes Weapon Upgrades, Bug Fixes and ‘The Terminal’
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Tom Clancy’s The Division will be receiving a massive patch this week courtesy of Update 1.3. The Division update 1.3 features a slew of weapon upgrades, 50 bug fixes and a new shared social space known as The Terminal.


The Division update 1.3 will go live for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on Tuesday. PS4 gamers will have to wait a little longer as the patch has been delayed on Sony’s current-gen console.

According to Game Rant, the update adds numerous changes to the game’s weapon system. The patch introduces a new gear set called Alpha Bridge along with new top-tier armaments such as a PP-19 Submachine Gun, Military G36 Assault Rifle and Surplus SVD Marksman Rifle.

Light machine guns and shotguns are more effective this time around. Light machine guns can now inflict more damage to targets out of cover, while shotguns can now be used to stagger unsuspecting opponents.

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In Free Roam, level 30 players will now encounter level 30 or stronger opponents. Polygon pointed out that equipped items can no longer be shared, while players who remain inactive for at least 15 minutes will be booted out from the game server.

A new Heroic mode difficulty has also been added to the following main missions: Refugee Camp, Queen’s Tunnel Camp, Lexington Event Center, WarrenGate Power Plant, Russian Consulate and Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint.

The latest system patch will include a total of 50 bug fixes. Just to mention a few, The Division update 1.3 fixes a bug where Pulse would sometimes not detect NPCs in range. It also fixes a bug where teammates won’t be visible on the megamap when they are not grouped.

The Division is also receiving a new shared social space. Players can access The Terminal by going to the back of their Base of Operations. The hub can also be opened as a fast-travel location. For the complete changelogs of Update 1.3, you can head over to the official The Division webpage.

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