The British Monarchy Is ‘Gagging’ Kate Middleton

The British Monarchy Is ‘Gagging’ Kate Middleton
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Have you heard the Duchess of Cambridge engage in a lengthy public speech or an in-depth interview as of late? Word around town is that the British Monarchy, led by Queen Elizabeth, is silencing Kate Middleton.


As the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of the heir to the throne, Middleton has a very public role. She is tasked to attend events of national significance. Since she is also keen in sports, she represents the monarchy at major national sporting events. She is also expected to carry out a number of overseas visits on behalf of the Queen.

People first heard her speak during an interview shortly after she and Prince William got engaged in 2011. Middleton was very cheerful and at some point even showed a little perkiness during the interview. Her voice was classy, like that of high-borns. Yet she was open and candid, something that might have sounded alert to the palace.

According to the Daily Beast, Middleton was very much outspoken as a kid. She even played a lead role for the stage production of “My Fair Lady” when she was 12. She was not the shy inhibited type. In fact, she wowed the Prince when she strutted on the runway in a negligee during a university fashion show.

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Curiously, though, when she became Duchess of Cambridge, she suddenly developed a fear of public speaking or stage fright. Her first public speech was at a children’s hospice in Ipswich. After her speech, she told a guest that she finds “doing speeches nerve-wracking,” The Guardian reported at the time.

She went on with her responsibilities as the future queen, undertaking toyal engagements in towns with Prince William or other members of the Royal Family. Her Royal Highness supports Queen Elizabeth at gatherings, like garden parties at Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official birthday party at Trooping the Colour, procession and service at Windsor castle for the Order of the Garter and the Remembrance Ceremony at the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

The Duchess, however, was not able to overcome her “fear of speaking” even mingling with the aristocrats. In 2013, her recorded message at Clarence House sounded guarded and artificial at a point of being pretentious.

She jumbled words in her speech in 2014 at the National Portrait Gallery. She stuttered a few times until she finally gave up, said “sorry about that” and gave an embarrassed laugh before leaving the podium. This has become her last speech of sorts.

While it is easy to say that the Palace may have wanted less of a garbled speech from the princess, (hence less speaking in public for her), some can also jump to the conclusion that the Palace may have had enough of her poor public speaking skills, so they silenced her. Another possibility is that the Monarchy would want to restrain the cheerful, bubbly yet classy girl who married the prince into a more stoic aura much fit for a princess, something that resulted to speech mishaps. After all, Prince William is the heir to the throne, so she might as well be the “ornament to the throne.”