‘The Boondock Saints 3’ Release Date, Plot: Brad Pitt Considered For A Role? Norman Reedus Talks About Third Film

‘The Boondock Saints 3’ Release Date, Plot: Brad Pitt Considered For A Role? Norman Reedus Talks About Third Film
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The Boondock Saints 3 is definitely arriving, although, an official release date has not been announced yet.


Along with its availability, fans have been wanting to hear about its plot as well, especially that it has already been seven years since the second installment of the action film premiered.

Despite any official announcement about the movie’s plot, moviegoers surely have a lot to look forward to, particularly the return of Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus, as they are set to reprise their role as Irish-American fraternal twin brothers Connor and Murphy MacManus.

The latest The Boondock Saints 3 spoilers have revealed that a number of Hollywood A-listers have been considered to bring more excitement into its plot.

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It was suggested that the 52-year-old “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” actor Brad Pitt have been one of those considered by the studios. However, the project’s director, Troy Duffy, aired out some reservations, Movie Pilot reported.

Accordingly, the creator-cum-director of “The Boondock Saints” was not keen about getting him since he already appeared as an Irish guy via his movie “The Devils Own.” Apart from it, the estranged husband of Angelina Jolie allegedly “refused” to find some time and talk with him.

Just like Pitt, Keanu Reeves and Ewan McGregor were also initially considered to be part of The Boondock Saints 3. But Duffy still did not agree to give his nod, even called the former as “f**king punk” and the latter as “talentless fool.”

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In Reddit’s Ask Me Anything, Norman Reedus, who is also famous for his role in “The Walking Dead,” confirmed that the third installment is “in the works , happening.”

In the meantime, Comic Book previously disclosed that with the film carrying a full title of “The Boondock Saints 3: Legion,” it can be surmised that more vigilantes will come out as they try to defend themselves on their own.

It can be noted that in the first two installments, only the twin brothers were out in taking the law into their hands. But in The Boondock Saints 3, it will no longer be the case, if spoilers were true.

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