‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge To Claim Right For Caroline’s Baby

‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge To Claim Right For Caroline’s Baby
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“The Bold and The Beautiful” spoilers for the coming week of October suggests a lot of surprises for the characters in the show. Maya has requested Nicole to be the surrogate mother for the child she and Rick wants.


The situation among Rick, Maya and Nicole was a bit tricky previously. Rick and Maya wanted to have a child but as per Maya’s condition she will not be able to breed a baby. Nicole, Maya’s sister, was willing to help and she had all the possibility of giving birth to a healthy child. However, her blooming relationship Zenda was a concern. You may see Nicole getting ready to give birth to Maya’s child.

When all these are going on in Rick’s life, Brook finds herself in a position to win back Ridge. “The Bold and The Beautiful” spoilers suggest she may find out that Caroline is pregnant and that may give her a chance to win Ridge back. She will be questioning Ridge and Caroline if their relationship has something to do with Thomas’s new position. This may make her motive a bit questionable.

Ridge will be under scrutiny by Steffy and Brook as he decides to send Thomas away. Ridge is quite unsure if Thomas has taken sexual advantage of Caroline when she was drugged. He is not okay with Thomas staying here and thus decides to send him away. But his ex-wife and daughter are suspicious about the decision.

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The funny part about the whole situation is that while Brooke tries to win Ridge back, she has no idea that he already knows that Caroline is pregnant and Tomas is the father of the child. Ridge’s intention of sending Thomas away is also related to the ownership of the child. He wants to have the child and give it his name.

“The Bold and The Beautiful” is heading towards a precarious position for the family. Stay tuned to get more information on how this turns out.