‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Is Thomas Interested In Ivy?

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Is Thomas Interested In Ivy?

“The Bold and The Beautiful” is in a critical stage where every controversy surrounds a baby. Nicole is thinking if she wants to keep Maya’s baby or not. The controversy with Caroline’s baby is on and nobody knows who the baby belongs to.


Maya and Rich want to have a baby, and Nicole is asked to be the surrogate mother. While she agrees to this, her parents are not happy with the option. They feel that it will be difficult for the family because Nicole will be emotional for the baby. At the same time, Nicole wants to grow her romantic relationship, but she also wants to help her sister.

Julius and Vivienne are concerned about the sisters. They think Maya is thinking only about herself, and Nicole’s decision will be making her repent in future. However, Brooke feels that Nicole may finally want to keep the baby only to herself, and this may lead to problems for Maya and Rick. So, nobody is sure if Nicole shall be moving ahead with the decision of being surrogate mother.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers also suggest that Caroline and Ridge will go for the first ultrasound. You never know if there is any kind of surprise waiting for them, too.

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Thomas still does not know that the baby Caroline is carrying belongs to him. Now that he is far from Caroline, Thomas will set his eyes on Ivy. Wyatt now has a new competitor other than Liam for Ivy’s attention. Was it a wrong decision for Steffy to get Ivy as a lingerie model? Find out more as we bring you more of “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers.