‘The Bachelorette Australia’: Sam Bids Goodbye To Will And Kieran; Sees Future With Richie

‘The Bachelorette Australia’: Sam Bids Goodbye To Will And Kieran; Sees Future With Richie
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The Bachelorette Australia” is getting more interesting due to the challenges, group dates and steamy kisses. After locking lips with Sasha in the mansion, Sam Frost has shared a kiss with Alex during the theme of “first date butterflies.”

While Alex has made it public that he kissed Sam, Sasha still keeps everything under wraps. However, he did not stop himself from grilling the man who has kissed his girl (as he assumes). Alex was lucky enough to go on a flying single date with Sam where the duo was given two mini-helicopters to fly. The 35-year-old Alex Cameron was thrilled.


Alex said after the date, “I definitely feel like I’m falling for Sam. It’s hard to ignore those feelings.” Sam also seemed happy. “The gentleman is working on me,” she added.

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The contestants on “The Bachelorette Australia” are trying to impress the lady with unique gifting ideas. For Michael, it was a stack of cards with fun facts about himself. He mentioned his favorite dish, which is mud crab with black bean sauce.

The single date was followed by a group date. The dodgeball game among Davey Lloyd, Sasha and Dave Billsborrow in the blue team and Richie Strahan, Will Stoker and Kayne Buik in the red team. The latter won. This was followed by a steamy Turkish bath session with Sam for the winning team.

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Sam shared a bath with Richie and an exfoliation session with Will. After the date, Sam said, “After today I definitely see Richie as someone who I could have a future with and someone who would stick by me through thick and thin.”

The last section of the episode saw Sam saying goodbye to Will and Kieran. Will had these parting words for Sam: “I think you’re a lovely person, and I think you have some lovely suitors behind me who will no doubt sweet you off your feet.”