Unlovable Ben Higgins Floored During The Bachelor Premiere

Unlovable Ben Higgins Floored During The Bachelor Premiere
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The Bachelor premiere must have already convinced you that girls are crazy over Ben Higgins. However, the young man thinks he is unlovable. If that comes as a surprise, check out what he has to say about his past relationship status.


In the previous installment of “The Bachelorette,” Kaitlyn Bristowe dumped him, and he was in tears. In his own “The Bachelor” premiere episode, Ben Higgins took viewers to a trip around his hometown. He pointed to the movie theater where he got his first kiss. He was dumped on the same day by the same girl.

This was the first time Ben Higgins said he had felt unlovable. He was ready to accept that in “The Bachelor” premiere. The 26-year-old came clear about his statement. He mentioned, “I don’t want people to get the wrong idea when I say that or think that I am being insincerely humble or beating a dead horse about it or anything like that.”

He pointed out that the reason of such dissatisfaction involves his previous relationships. He said, “It has felt like I have been more invested in the relationship than the person I was dating at the time. I’ve had my heart broken. So until I am with someone that loves me wholly and gives themselves to me as fully as I give myself to them, it can be hard for me to know that that can happen for me.”

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The man from Indiana was shocked to find 28 ladies vying for his love on the show. He said it is not normal for people like him, and he is lucky that way.

Ben mentioned about some of the ladies in “The Bachelor.” He said he knew Lauren B was for him as she got out of the car. He said Caila was full of energy. Jami made him nervous when she mentioned she knows Kaitlyn.

“The Bachelor” premier was overall a great experience for Ben Higgins. Do you think he is unlovable?

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