Thabo Sefolosha Suing NYPD And New York City For $50 million

Thabo Sefolosha Suing NYPD And New York City For $50 million
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Thabo Sefolosha, the Atlanta Hawks swingman, is reportedly suing both the NYPD and the city of New York for $50 million after being found not guilty of the three charges the police pinned on him in the wake of his arrest outside a New York City club last April.


According to the New York Post, Sefolosha claims in a legal notice that he suffered “permanent injuries” that caused him to “become substantially disabled” during the incident which saw cops pushing him the ground. The notice filed with the city’s comptroller Wednesday further claims that the “damages are permanent in nature and continuing into the future.”

Sefolosha suffered a broken lower right leg and ligament damage. At the time, Sefolosha didn’t refrain from blaming Police: “I will simply say that I am in great pain, have experienced a significant injury, and that the injury was caused by the police.”

The injuries caused the Swiss-born NBA veteran to miss the entirety of the 2015 postseason as his Atlanta Hawks lost to Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Sefolosha returned to action during a preseason game on October 14 and is cleared for the Hawks’ regular season opener against Detroit Pistons on October 27. In fact, the Hawks management posted a Vine of Sefolosha dunking during a recent preseason game against the Miami Heat. “If Thabo isn’t 100%, what will his dunks look like when he is?” the Atlanta Hawks tweeted Sunday after his monster dunk (as seen below).

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Alex Spiro, Sefolosha’s defense lawyer, was quick to respond to the Hawks’ tweet. Sprio said: “Unfortunately, he (Thabo) may not be dunking as much as he was before this (incident) happened,” said the attorney, claiming that Sefolosha injuries were “permanent in nature.”

On April 8, Sefolosha was at a posh Manhattan club where fellow NBA player Chris Copeland was stabbed. Prosecutors claimed that Sefolosha disobeyed police orders to clear the area. Sefolosha said that he was giving money to a homeless person when officers mauled and arrested him.