Texit After Brexit: Texas Wants Independence From The United States

Texit After Brexit: Texas Wants Independence From The United States

This is not a joke or political satire. Inspired by the success of Brexit, Texans are now rallying for the same referendum. The state now wants its independent from the United States.


Texas, which was an independent country from 1838 to 1845, wants that independence from the US back, especially now that Brexit proved this is plausible after all.

The state had actually broken away from the U.S. after an 1861 referendum to join the Confederate States during the Civil war. The state however was added back again after the Union won.

Texit is being advocated by the Texas Nationalist Movement. The group is boasting of as much as 260, 000 supporters, strong social media followers and their “ceaseless activism” since 2004.

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On Friday, headed by Daniel Miller, the group formally called for the Texas Governor to call for a Texit referendum.

“The win for Brexit opens the door for Texit by establishing, concretely, that it is possible to have an adult conversation on independence and letting the people have the final say,” Miller, president of Texas Nationalist Movement, said in a statement.

“It is past time that the people of Texas had their say on our continued relationship with the Union and its sprawling Federal bureaucracy,” Miller said further.

Miller said the Federal Government has been abusing Texas for the past decade and the only way to free the people from this abuse is through Texas independence. “It is past time that the Governor and the rest of the Legislature respond to the large number of Texans who want their say on the matter and give us a vote,” he said.

Nate Smith, executive director of Texas Nationalist Movement, said he is confident that Texit will win. He is confident that as word about Brexit referendum now reaches the people of Texas, it will not be for long that they will respond to the call.

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  • Nelson Kerr

    Please Texas! TEXIT asap. most of the rest of us will appreciate it. This time we won’t curb-stomp you for leaving.

  • JMFournier

    This will never happen due to the large amount of people moving from state to state. You may get some people wanting this but the Majority of people will never vote to cede from the USA. What actual benefit would there be and how would the state pay for everything its citizens are getting from the Federal Government.