Texas Weather Update: 5 Injured As Tornadoes Strike Grayson County

Texas Weather Update: 5 Injured As Tornadoes Strike Grayson County

At least five people were injured and consequently transported to the hospital as a result of five tornadoes that struck Grayson County on Tuesday night.


The severe weather also caused damage to property, as half a dozen homes and a clinic suffered structural damage. In the town of Howe, major damage could be seen at Howe High School, which led to the cancellation of all schools for the day, WFAA reported. Collinsville ISD and Denison High School were closed as well.

The National Weather Service notes that one of the tornadoes, which struck near Howe, was EF1. A second one that hit close to Bells was EF0. The third, confirmed later, was in Whitesboro.

“We have several houses that have damage,” Howe police Chief Carl Hudman said. “We have a metal storage building company on the east side that was hit and destroyed.”

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Among those injured included a woman, who sustained serious injuries after an uprooted tree authorities said crashed into her car along United States Highway 75.

Significant damage could be seen on the western side of Howe, near Bois D Arcade Street and North Avenue.

Connor Curry was with his grandmother in his home in Howe when the tornadoes struck. “We were in the hallway when it hit. So, you know, I had to get her into the bathroom and I put her in the bathroom and I got on top of her. I protected her,” Curry said. “And after that it hit and we were scared. We didn’t know what was happening.”

Truck driver Gene Marshall was driving along Howe to make a delivery. Thinking initially of the storm as a light show, he pulled off of the road to capture the event in a video. Soon thereafter, though, he realised that the light show was headed straight at him. “I’ve got nowhere to go, no time to duck and cover,” Marshall said, as quoted by Fox 4. “And you are sitting in your truck so what does that mean? Sit and pray. That’s about all you can do.”

A shelter has been created at the Howe Church of Christ for those whose homes have been demolished in the storms, as reported by CBS Local.

The storm downed power lines throughout the county. Repair crews are working to bring electricity back up.

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