Tesla Tops Luxury Sedan Sales In The US

Tesla Tops Luxury Sedan Sales In The US
2012 Tesla Model S Jack Snell / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

When it comes to sales, Tesla is leading the pack as far as the luxury sedan market in the U.S. is concerned.


During the past few months, Tesla stores have been quite aggressive in pushing their current inventory. This has resulted in the electric vehicle manufacturer increasing its third quarter sales by as much as 59 percent when comparing its performance during the same period back in 2015.

According to an internal sales data and competitor information that has been compiled by Tesla, its Model S sold far better than the Mercedes Benz S-Class. In fact, it seems the sale for the latter has dropped by nine percent when compared to its sales performance during the same period in 2015.

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In a recent report from Bloomberg, it was revealed that Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk had been aggressively pushing sales to help make the quarter significantly profitable before the company increases its spending. Tesla is currently in the process of acquiring SolarCity Corporation. Aside from that, the company is also expected to start delivering its much awaited Model 3 by next year.

For the third quarter, Tesla has managed to sell 9,156 units of Model S. It remains to be seen if it can beat its record during the last quarter of the year. Previously, Musk had revealed an internal email strictly discouraging the use of discount pricing to close car sales. It remains to be seen if this will impact the company’s ability to aggressively push its inventory.

Tesla is also hoping that sales for the $35,000 Model 3 would also be as successful as its Model S sales. During its unveiling back in March, Musk reported getting as much as 180,000 reservations for the Model 3 in just 24 hours. Musk also later estimated an expected sales of $7.5 billion should all Model 3 reservations go through.

Today, Tesla stock is up slightly by 0.705 percent to $201.51.

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  • Zach Albrecht

    The sales are actually higher for the quarter so I’m not sure where on earth you got 9,156 orders. They nearly did 30,000! They delivered about 24,500 and had about 5,500 in shipment to delivery at the end of Q3. Exact numbers will be provided in November. This quarter already feels the same way as well.

    If you want a substantiated story, perhaps talk about the manufacturing delays customers are experiencing this month.

    • Haggy

      Tesla tells customers from the beginning that they need to order the car and the best Tesla can do is give an estimate of when a car will be ready. Currently, the Web page shows that if you order a Model S today, it should be ready by December. That’s not a firm estimate, but even if your order slips to January, that’s only three months. If you got a Model S two years ago at the end of the third quarter, you would have ordered it over 16 weeks earlier. They sold a record breaking 7800 for that quarter. At that rate it might take a year to make a car ordered today and meet current demands, but they are getting it done in two months, or perhaps slightly more.

      Saying there are delays “this month” implies that some customers expecting cars this month aren’t getting them as soon as they expect. That’s why Tesla gives estimates subject to change.

      Incidentally, those customers who got cars at the close of Q3, 2014 got new hardware that they didn’t expect and in retrospect didn’t mind delays caused by retooling and changes in production, given what the result was. But if you search online forums, you will find that evidence of delays was overwhelming back then but hardly an issue today.