Tesla To Open New Service Center In Blue Ash

Tesla is all set to open a new service center in Blue Ash. The California-based luxury electric car company has made this investment to keep the growing interest of buyers in Ohio and surrounding areas.


A report made by Cincinnati.com suggests that the new Tesla service center in Blue Ash is located next to a Jaguar Land Rover Dealership center. The 14,000 square feet service center symbolizes the growing confidence of company authorities that the area is home for a lot of present and future consumers.

The car manufacturing company has three service centers and three stores found in Ohio. It has over 70,000 high-profile vehicles roaming all over the world.

Tesla spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson said, “We place stores and service centers in strategic locations based on where we believe our current and future customer base live and in areas where people are informed and interested in technology.”

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The company believes that Cincinnati is a strong market for Tesla. With Model S bringing a lot of surprises, it is sure to make some good business.

Georgeson mentioned, “We open service centers in areas where there is a high density of Model S and where we believe there will continue to be a strong market for our vehicles.”

Last year, Tesla made sure that Ohio lawmakers don’t pass a legislation to restrict it from selling cars directly to consumers. However, it failed in doing the same in Texas this year. Tesla believes in selling its car directly to the consumers, a model that is much different from that of Ford’s and General Motor’s.