Tesla Takes Deeper Dive In Stationary Solar Battery Industry

Tesla Takes Deeper Dive In Stationary Solar Battery Industry
Solar panels Kevin Dooley / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Tesla Motors, well-known electric car maker, is all set to make a huge investment on Tesla batteries for home and offices. The investment will be done throughout Japan, as mentioned by CEO Elon Musk to the Nikkei.


Musk mentioned, “We’ll buy utility power that’s coming from solar panels, or we’ll have solar panels on the charge station itself. There will be no impact to the electrical grid in Japan.”

The company invited journalists to its Hawthorne headquarter based in California where Musk told details of the new investment.

The company has already produced solar batteries for homes, and around 300 Tesla-branded batteries are already installed by SolarCity.

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While solar energy is quite popular, the basic problem that remains is the storage. Electricity is most used during the morning and the evening, but during the days when nobody is at home, the requirement drops. However, production is high during that time as sunlight is available in abundance.

Users are forced to sell off extra units produced during the day to utility companies, and then purchase them back during the night for premium rates. With the new Tesla batteries, they will be more self-sufficient.

The cost of the batteries can be a matter of concern as they are not going to be cheap. The size and the storage are not going to be a problem, though. Tesla is highly successful in car batteries that are lightweight and compact, but time will tell if these solar batteries will be equally successful or not.

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