Tesla Solar Battery To Provide Solar Storage Solution To Home Owners

Tesla Solar Battery To Provide Solar Storage Solution To Home Owners
Tesla Model S Maurizio Pesce/Flickr CC BY 2.0

Tesla will soon announce its long-awaited battery that will allow houses to store solar energy for later use. Apart from that, the company will be announcing its “utility-scale” battery to be incorporated with the solar power system later this month.


Tesla’s batteries are about $300 per kWh, according to Gizmodo. The number is reasonable considering the price forecast of 2020. The cost of entering in the solar power sector will be lower.

This will also mean homeowners will achieve complete energy efficiency and will be free from solar power problems. Such independence can be a cause of worry for utility providers as they will not be able to charge for unused energy. Whatever users store in off-peak times can be used when required and can also be sold around the neighborhood.

How the New Solar Battery is Going to Help

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According to the New York Times, solar power consumers in Hawaii are dumping so much energy back to the grid. The delicate infrastructure made for home use is undergoing taxing.

While it is possible for utility companies to improve their grids, it is difficult to calculate the actual amount of energy needed. With an overwhelming response to solar energy by customers, it will become more and more difficult.

Currently, the Tesla solar batteries are installed for big business like Wal-Mart. Tesla also has a plan for utility providers, though. A Utility Scale Battery is made for utility providers to take burden off the grid, providing them with some relief.

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  • Bryan

    Li-ion battery technology at its current cost (even in gigafactory quantities) is still far too expensive for use in residential storage applications without a massive financial incentive from the government or utilities.

    Even low cost lead acid battery tech cannot be made to pencil out in storage applications when compared to today’s utility rates. It’s a pipe dream that won’t become reality for at least another decade.