Tesla News: Model S Wireless Charging Pre-order Begins In April

Tesla News: Model S Wireless Charging Pre-order Begins In April
Elon Musk, Tesla Factory, Fremont (CA, USA) Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Yes, it’s true. You can now charge your Tesla Model S without having to plug anything. Because just like a smart phone, there’s now a charger that allows cars to get charged wirelessly, a.k.a. Plugless.


The next time you’re looking for away to charge your Model S without having to fidget with electric cords and outlets, just say one word: Plugless. Plugless is actually the name of a little gizmo that has been created to do one thing: to charge a car with maximum ease and minimum effort.

Evatran is the company behind this revolutionary handy car charger. According to Evatran Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Hough, their company’s thinking is that with more and more car owners considering making a switch to technologically advanced electric cars, the plug in process may become “something that might inhibit electric vehicle adoption.” Plugless works just like a plugged charger. In fact, Hough says it finishes charging your car at the same amount of time. Moreover, Plugless is actually a smart charger, allowing you to program it to start charging your car late at night so you can readily utilize off-peak electricity rates.

Evatran has yet to announce final pricing for the Plugless version for Tesla Model S but reservations have started for a refundable deposit of $244. The whole package includes 3-year warranty on all Tesla Model S Plugless Systems and a 45-day “Any Reason Return Period” after installation. Package comes with 7.2kW wireless electric vehicle charging system which provides 20 miles of range for every hour of charging. For the package specifics click here.

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According to Auto Blog, shipping for Plugless starts this April but without specific date yet. “Plugless is not yet available for Tesla Roadster, Model X or Model 3. Our engineers are hard work to bring Plugless to all Tesla models,” Evatran said as quoted by Auto Blog.

The company’s Plugless Power has so far, attracted a number of big companies. To date, Evatran has done partnerships with Google, Duke Energy, Hertz, Bosch, SAP, Idaho National Laboratory, DTE Energy, the city of Raleigh in North Carolina and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, among others. After all, Hough says their system can easily be retrofitted into a variety of electric vehicle models. In fact, the company trialed Plugless on Nissan Leafs and Chevrolet Volts with a prototype back in 2012 and 2013. And as they keep making significant strides with their technology, Hough says they’re end goal is actually to “bring Plugless power to the world.”

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  • Carl Raymond S

    What percentage of the energy is lost? 30%? Elon would not approve – even if the convenience factor resulted in a few extra car sales. Musk does not waste an electron if he can help it. That’s why Tesla developed the snake charger – wireless would have been easier, but much less efficient.

  • Nick

    This is such a great idea and invention. Wireless charging is going to be the next frontier. I cannot wait for car haulers, freight haulers, Fed Ex, etc will all be able to be powered wirelessly. Can you imagine the power lines being able to power stuff wirelessly to your home, your cars as you drive, etc. that is a good idea.