Tesla News: These Futuristic EVs Could Topple Tesla Cars Down

Tesla News: These Futuristic EVs Could Topple Tesla Cars Down
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Prepare to lose Tesla, because this company’s future fleet of electric vehicles might beat you in sales.


For the moment, company LeEco already has a car dubbed as the “Chinese Tesla Killer.” This car is known as the LeSee. LeEco said it will be able to make as much as 200,000 models every single year.

According to a report from Car News China, LeEco has said it plans to build a gigantic car factory in Huzhou City, located in the Zhejiang province in China. The phase 1 of its construction will be done in an area 43,000 acres wide. This will allow the company to meet its 200,000 cars per year production target.

Meanwhile, the construction will move towards phase 2 of its development. When this is complete, LeEco’s production capacity will double to 400,000 car each year.

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For this grand electric vehicle production plan to happen, LeEco is said to have invested as much as 20 billion yuan or $3 billion. According to a report from Engadget, LeEco CEO Jia Yueting said that the new plant will also be “open to all LeEco’s strategic partners including Faraday Future.” Faraday Future is a company that builds its own fleet of electric vehicles.

To rival Tesla, LeEco has said it is developing electronic vehicles that have self-driving and connected features. It is unclear at this moment if this means that LeSee will be capable of completely driving itself. This is an important issue to address, considering one Tesla vehicle has crashed into a car while on Autopilot in China.

Following the incident, the driver of the car had said that Tesla sales had showed that he could readily take his hands off the steering wheeling and his feet off the gas and accelerator when the Autopilot is engaged.

Tesla is relatively new in the Chinese market. This means LeEco may still have the chance to steal the electric vehicle market from the California-based company here.

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