Tesla News: Elon Musk Confirms Model Y And A Minibus

Tesla News: Elon Musk Confirms Model Y And A Minibus
Elon Musk, Tesla Factory, Fremont (CA, USA) Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0

You better believe it. After the Model 3, Tesla founder and chief executive officer Elon Musk has confirmed that the company will be coming up with a Model Y. And when it does, Tesla will finally be able to spell their fleet out with the word “S 3 X Y.”


Recently, Musk had taken time out of his busy schedule to unveil the part deux of his master plan. In it, he revealed that all along, he first planned to come up with a low volume car that would “necessarily be expensive.”

The earnings from this would be used to come up with a medium volume car that would be offered at a lower price. With a starting price of $35,000, it’s safe to say that the car is the Model 3. As for the affordable car created with Model 3’s earnings, it seems that will be the Model Y.

Should Musk’s plan hold, the Model Y would be Tesla’s first high volume car. In a brief tweet, Musk explained that instead of a car, the upcoming Model Y will be a compact SUV that will be developed using the chassis of the Model 3. Tesla currently has one SUV in its vehicle line-up.

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Known as the Model X, the SUV is being hailed as the “safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history.” It also boasts unique features such as the Falcon Wings door system that gives parents easy access to both second and third row seats even in tight parking spaces. This way, they can easily buckle their children without worrying about bumping the child’s head on the roof.

From the Model X, Musk also said that his company will be producing a “Bus/Minibus/Spacebus.” According to a report from Autocar, Musk said this will become Tesla’s own version of the Volkswagen Type II.

Meanwhile, Musk remains ambitious about the future of self-driving cars.

“Since most cars are only in use by their owner for 5% to 10% of the day, the fundamental economic utility of a true self-driving car is likely to be several times that of a car which is not,” he explained.

Musk envisions a future where cars can be summoned from just about anywhere.

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