Why Tesla Needs To Recruit Hackers Into Their Company, And They Already Are Recruiting

Why Tesla Needs To Recruit Hackers Into Their Company, And They Already Are Recruiting
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Weeks after two ‘hackers’ announced that they found a couple of security flaws in the Tesla Model S system, Tesla was present in the famous world gathering of self-proclaimed hackers in Las Vegas, Def Con.

“Hackers are a crowd that is really important to us,” Tesla’s Khobi Brooklyn told AFP in a Business Insider report.


“It is a community that we want to be part of, and collaborate with, as well as recruit from.”

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Two professionals, Lookout co-founder, Kevin Mahaffey and CloudFlare online security professional Marc Rogers, shared with the company the six flaws they found in the Tesla software.

Flaws addressed

The Company has worked on the patches for flaws. CNET reports that the hackers were able to shut down a Tesla Model S “bringing it to a stop” during their project.

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The team initially had lots of challenges during the time they were hacking a Tesla Model S. They admitted they saw a lot of dead ends, providing how Tesla’s system is highly secured and cannot really be hacked unless the hackers have a constant access to the hardware.

Tesla cars are highly computerized and receive automatic updates from the Company via its network.

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recall

Late last month, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recalled 1.4 million cars in the US after security flaws were discovered by hackers that can give hackers the power to remotely control the cars’ systems.

Business Insider further reports that Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek “remotely commandeered a Jeep Cherokee” to demonstrate the flaws.

The duo presented their findings at Def Con too.

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