Tesla Model S For $499: Your Kids Can Drive This

Tesla Model S For $499: Your Kids Can Drive This
Tesla Model S For Kids Radio Flyer

While every man dreams of his first car, every child also dreams of his or her first ride. And now, that ride can be a Tesla Model S, thanks to a little ride maker who decided to strike up a partnership with the premier electric car brand.


Meet the Tesla Model S For Kids. Radio Flyer says this miniature ride is perfect for any child ages three to eight as it can handle as much as 81 pounds. It absolutely looks like a Model S, down to all the fine details of the exterior. In fact, it even comes with working headlights in case your little one ends up driving in the middle of the night. At the same time, this little Model S is able to move forward and in reverse so your child will be able to take it around any “track” with much ease.

Radio Flyer created this miniature car in collaboration with Tesla. It is powered by Flight Speed , a lithium-ion battery that ensures the “longest run time” and “fastest charge time,” which will give your kids “more play time.” In fact, it is found to deliver three times the play than a lead acid battery.

Unlike the actual Model S though, this miniature Tesla can only sit one, so your child’s playmates won’t be able to ride along. That said, the driver’s seat is quite spacious so your child’s favorite teddy bear can come along for the ride. For onboard entertainment, this little car comes with a sound system that easily connects to an MP3 player, making this practically the coolest miniature ride ever. Meanwhile, another special feature is the car’s “frunk.” That is the front trunk truck that lets your child pack along some necessities for the drive.

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The Tesla Model S For Kids sells for $499. It comes in Tesla paint colors Red Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic and Midnight Silver Metallic. Add $15 to get your mini car a license plate. Radio Flyer will start shipping these miniature Tesla cars by May 2016.

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