Tesla Model 3: Release Date, Prices, Features, Cameras & Sensors

Tesla Model 3: Release Date, Prices, Features, Cameras & Sensors
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As we enter March, one thing is in the minds of Tesla enthusiasts: the much-awaited Model 3. After all, Elon Musk and Tesla Motors had promised that the big reveal will happen at the end of the month, with production and deliveries scheduled to happen in late 2017.


One thing that sets the Model 3 apart from Tesla’s Model S and Model X is its price range. Comparing the two, the upcoming electric vehicle has a lower price – around $35,000. Size-wise, it’s more compact, as was revealed by Tesla co-founder and Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel to Fuel Fix during the IHS Energy CERAWeek in Houston.

According to Straubel, the focus of the company has gone from looking for more range and more power to looking closely at the vehicle’s price. “We don’t really need more performance, we don’t really need much more range, we need to focus on cost,” he explained. For starters, the approximate $35,000 price tag for the Model 3 is meant to give it appeal for the masses and reach out to a broader market, which Tesla has been unable to do before.

Moreover, it seems that the Model 3 has been designed to be more compact, compared to the two others in the Tesla fleet. Straubel even compares its upcoming car to the size of the Audi A4. Although he says people shouldn’t be fooled by the size and price. “I think it will surprise people with the level of features it includes,” Straubel hinted. Furthermore, he said that the Model 3 will be utilizing Tela’s “next generation” technology.

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As far as next-generation tech goes, Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk revealed that the company has some next-generation cameras and sensors in the works. These are built to support autonomous driving. Moreover, The Motley Fool reports Musk saying that Tesla vehicles should be able to drive and charge themselves en route in two to three years time.

According to latest shareholder letter from Tesla, everything seems to be on schedule for the Model 3.

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