Tesla Has Made A Solid Metal Snake Charger That Moves On Its Own

Tesla Has Made A Solid Metal Snake Charger That Moves On Its Own
Windell Oskay Tesla Visit 3 / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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What's This?

Tesla has released a video of a prototype metal snake charger that moves on its own and automatically connects to Tesla cars. Is this technology real? The thing is, yes, it’s here, for realz.


So people didn’t take Elon Musk that seriously when he announced that they were developing a charger that “automatically moves out from the wall” and attaches itself like a “solid metal snake” creature (Well maybe they did, but they have soon forgotten about it only to be reminded again today).

And seven months later, the Company released a video showing that it’s really in the works and that people will be seeing these creatures (out soon).

Tesla’s metal snake charger

They tweeted a video of a metal snake-looking charger attaching itself to a red Tesla Model S. It looked like it knew what it was doing in the first few seconds, and paused to actually confirm if the bluish thing it was seeing was the right point to attach to.

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Here’s the metal snake in action.

It  looked amazing, like it’s freshly off a metal Amazon jungle of some sort. To some, it looks scary. Ross Miller of The Verge even found it creepy, saying that “on a ‘stuff of nightmares’ scale of 1 to 10, it’s about a 6.5.”

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