‘Tesla’ Gigafactory Trespassed By Two Journalists; Two Employees Hurt

‘Tesla’ Gigafactory Trespassed By Two Journalists; Two Employees Hurt
Windell Oskay Tesla Visit 3 / Flickr CC BY 2.0

On Friday, Tesla received what may have been the most serious physical security breach after two journalists broke into the factory to take pictures.



According to Tesla, an employee was alerted that two people were taking pictures inside the gallery last Friday. The employee sought help and the Storey County Sheriff’s was alerted of the incident. When confronted, the trespassers denied accusations of trespassing. They also refused to dislose their identities, however, they were ID’d through their pockets stating they were from Reno Gazette Journal (RGJ).

Tesla mentioned in their blog post that the journalists climbed over a PRIVATE PROPERTY sign to get in, a clear indication of trespassing.

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Their RGJ employees were asked to stay and wait before leaving the premises by a second safety officer, but they refused to be detained, and instead, climbed into their Jeep, which bore the initials RGJ on its doors. They tried to drive away.

When one of the Tesla employees attempted to record the plate number on the bumper, the driver put the vehicle in reverse and hit the employee. He had a blow to his left hip and sustained an “an approximate 2” bleeding laceration to his right forearm, a 3” bleeding laceration to his upper arm, and scrapes on both palms,” according to Tesla.

The RGJ journalists also hit the ATV of the two safety managers and when one of the managers alighted from the ATV, the driver accelerated and hit him at the waist.

The RGJ employees were charged with trespassing when the Sheriff’s Department arrived. The other was slapped with two counts of “felony assault with a deadly weapon.”

Tesla said in their post that while they welcome the growing interest in their Gigafactory, they do not condone such behaviours, especially when the safety of their employees is put at risk.

“(W)e will not stand for assaults on our employees and are working with law enforcement to investigate this incident and ensure that those responsible are brought to justice,” they concluded.

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