Tesla: 2700 Model X SUV’s Recalled

Tesla: 2700 Model X SUV’s Recalled
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In the interest of safety, Tesla Motors has decided to launch a recall involving its Model X SUV after a slight incident occurred during its strength test prior to starting the delivery of the vehicle in Europe.


According to Tesla, the crash test the company conducts on the Model X is instrumental in making the SUV the first to receive the highest safety rating in every category. Because the company is determined to produce an SUV they claim is the safest in the world, Tesla was obviously not pleased when one of its Model X vehicles failed an internal seat strength test.

According to a copy of the email sent by Tesla to affected vehicle owners, the recliner in the third row of the Model X seat slipped unexpectedly while conducting an internal seat strength test on the unit.

The recliner is supposed to serve as the locking hinge that lets vehicle owners fold the third row seat back forward. And if the recliner could slip in the event of a crash, the seat back could move forward. Moreover, the recliner was said to have come from an outside supplier.

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On the other hand, Tesla announced that during 15 confirmation tests conducted prior to the start of deliveries of Model X in North America, they did not experience any recliner failure. Nonetheless, the company has decided to do a voluntary recall in what is considered to be a “precautionary measure” so it can replace all affected third row seat backs.

According to a report from Bloomberg, as much as 2,700 Model X vehicles are affected.

Recently, two complaints regarding the Model X have been filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. One involved the vehicle’s falcon doors opening while the car is still in motion. Meanwhile, the other one involves the doors not closing.

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