Tesco Mobile to Drop EU Roaming Charges in Summer 2016

Tesco Mobile to Drop EU Roaming Charges in Summer 2016
Tesco Gordon Joly / Flickr cc
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Roaming charges are one way in which most mobile companies manage to rip people off. Tesco Mobile, however, has donned a more generous approach to draw customers towards their brand by dropping roaming charges for people who go vacationing in Europe this summer.


Engadget revealed Tesco’s initiative called “Home from Home”, which offers roaming-free charges for 31 countries in Europe, for a limited period of time (May 23rd 2016 to 3rd September 2016). This offer is applicable to both postpaid as well as prepaid users. Tesco Mobile users will be able to text, call and make use of the internet without having to pay extra while roaming, that is, as long as they stay well within the limitations of their contract allowance.

According to Androidcentral, this might as well be a test run for Tesco, because starting June next year, all mobile networks that operate within Europe will be forced to offer roaming-free charges. The Parliament of Europe voted in favor of eliminating roaming charges in UK on October 2015, which will be implemented in 2017.

All the member states of Europe, including places like Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway will get to enjoy roaming-free charges on Tesco Mobile in the summer. Three, one of UK’s mobile networks, has been offering roaming-free data connectivity for people of UK who visit certain countries like New Zealand and the United States. However, there are networks which are not as lenient as Tesco or Three in the UK. For example, neither O2 nor EE plan on reducing or getting rid of their roaming charges (which run close to the maximum roaming rates allowed under the law) anytime soon.

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However, regardless of whether the networks like it or not, all of them have to curb their roaming charges from the coming year, obligated by court order, if they wish to continue offering their services in the United Kingdom.

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