Terrified Of Princess Diana’s Ghost, Prince Charles Makes Time For Prince George

Terrified Of Princess Diana’s Ghost, Prince Charles Makes Time For Prince George
Prince Charles Dan Marsh / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Prince Charles gave Prince George a whopping $18,000 gift for his second birthday. He went as far as dedicating a portion of his Highgrove estate transformed into a playground for both Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The overwhelming gift was given after reports emerged of clairvoyant identical twins claiming they have spoken with Princess Diana. Various local media reports have it that Prince Charles has no time for his grandsons.


Prince Charles gives Prince George $18,000 shepherd’s hut and a rebuilt treehouse

The expensive tree house has a Victorian style. It is outfitted with wood-burning stove, a bed, all built in a portion of Prince Charle’s Highgrove estate. According to The Telegraph, the treehouse was strategically positioned for the grandfather and grandson to spend time together while tree planting.

Prince George has immediately developed fondness over playing pretend with Prince Charles. The tandem usually played with plastic tea cups and pretends to be in a party, The Telegraph reported.

Clairvoyant twins talked with Princess Diana

In the days leading up to Prince George’s birthday, reports of identical twins who claimed to have spoken with Diana emerged. Rumor has it that Prince Charles was terrified by the mere mention of Diana’s ghost that he took it upon himself to spend quality time with Prince George.

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Prior to Prince George’s second birthday, rumors are swirling that Prince Charles was not able to allot time for his grandkids. His schedule is apparently filled with activities with Camilla Parker Bowles. It is public knowledge that Prince Charles is already in a relationship with Camilla even before Princess Diana’s demise.

In a report from Express UK, 50-year-old identical twins, Terry and Linda Jamieson, claimed to have spoken with Princess Diana. The twins became famous for reportedly predicting 9/11 terror attacks, the cyber attack on Sony, the Baltimore riots and the Boston Marathon bombing.

“Princess Diana said she had chosen her destiny. She was thrilled with Prince George and Princess Charlotte being born,” the twins told Express.

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