Tennessee Killing An ‘Act Of Terrorism,’ Investigators Say Suspect Went To Qatar In 2014

Tennessee Killing An ‘Act Of Terrorism,’ Investigators Say Suspect Went To Qatar In 2014
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Sources from the government disclosed Tennessee tragedy suspect Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez made trips to the Middle East in 2014, and although the reason for such travel is yet to be known, the FBI labeled the killing an “act of terrorism.”


Investigators are rationalizing on the killing of five members of U.S. military last week by digging into the background of Abdulazeez who spent some time in Qatari capital, and seven months with his family in Jordan. Qatar houses a U.S. air base and is also known to be the home of some Islamist extremist supporters.

According to the investigators, they are still on the process of completing the puzzle but so far, no evidence yet can be had linking Abdulazeez’s killing with Islamic State, although on Monday, a source told Reuters that investigators were able to obtain evidence proving that Abdulazeez had an “online exposure to general jihadist propaganda” that may have triggered the killing spree.

The evidence however, is devoid of merits as far as proving a directive from any militant group, including the Islamic State. News say that Abdulazeez could have used a smartphone in reading “jihadist propaganda.”

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The suspect, born in Kuwait and naturalized in the United States, was killed on Thursday in gunfire with the police, after he rained bullets on Chattanooga military recruiting center, and opened fire at the Naval Reserve Center nearby, killing on the spot four marines and injuring three others, one of whom succumbed to wounds on Saturday, a report from Reuters say.

But Abdulazeez’s death did not halt the chaos as series of attacks ensued catapulted by Muslims not just in the United States but also in countries where Islamic State and other militant groups have established followers, news said.

His family on Monday told the media their son suffered from “drug abuse problems” and debt worries. ABC News said Abdulazeez left a diary where his frame of mind at the time of the killing could be known. In addition, Reuters also reported as told by Abdulazeez’s close friends that the suspect was having crises reconciling his drug abuse with his Islamic beliefs.